Exercise is mental

Working out takes physical strength.  We can’t wake up and magically do a pull-up if we have never done one before.  However, the act of training, of getting to the gym, of deciding not to stop pushing ourselves when we are there, is mental.  I cannot stress enough that if we believe we can do it, then we can.  If I go to the gym, and lolly-gag, check my teeth in the mirror, push out my stomach in the mirror, suck in my stomach in the mirror, and frown when I am about to do an actual exercise, why would I want to go back?  Why would I want to go for a run if every time I run, I am watching the clock or thinking, “I hate this.”?  I wouldn’t.

So exercise your brain a bit.  Try and remind yourself that your workout isn’t just physically challenging, but mentally challenging too.  On your way to the gym, put on some exciting music, like Pump Up the Jam from the Space Jam soundtrack, or whatever your favorite “let’s do this!” song might be.  Remind yourself WHY you are doing this.  “I am doing this to take care of myself.”  “I am doing this because it is important to me.”  “I am doing this to lose weight.”  “I am doing this so I can be proud of my body.”  “I am doing this to feel better doing everything else.”

And don’t let yourself lolly-gag!  If you don’t know what to do at the gym, take a class.  There are so many amazing classes offered at gyms.  The first 1-2 can be a little intimidating, but you’d be surprised by how much watching another person sweat and exercise can inspire you!

If nothing else works, try unleashing some anger.  I never run faster than I do when I’m mad.  And it could be about anything. Perhaps a person cut in line at the grocery store, or the dishes weren’t done, or maybe you’re just hangry… who cares what makes you mad.  USE IT.  Get angry, and go exercise.

Have fun & Be Active!

Rebecca from Build it for Life